Allemani League

The Allemani league is a loose federation of barbarian tribes and a small Dwarven kingdom nestled in the northern lands. The dwarves realized that the more united the tribes were, the greater their trade with the surface flourished. The roads were better protected and outside incursions from other lands tended be dealt with more efficiently.

The dwarves built the city of Hammerfall in order to further this leage


There is no one single leader or political force that represents the Allemani League. The various tribes and the Dwarves each have a Jarl that represents them in moots in the city of Hammerfall. In theory, each tribe’s Jarl is to have equal footing but smaller tribes tend to get bullied around by the more dominant ones. The dwarves also seem to have an edge in the politics of this land as one of the key players in it’s creation as well as one of the best sources of weapons in this region.


The Allemani League is comprised of many races, but the majority of it is represented by Dwarves, Humans, and Goliaths.


The culture varies from tribe to tribe but each one is very driven by honor and respect to elders. Men generally have the lay of the land but women are from being a second class citizen. The people of the north respect strength and the will to succeed. Any women, or being for that matter, who can hold their own is afforded the respect they deserve. In the Allemani League it is more about what you work to be as opposed to what part of society you were born in.

The exception to this would be the dwarven kingdom of [[Stonedeep]. This is a society where class and position is of great importance. They live in a caste system where movement between castes is rigid and those who do so are often met with sour looks in the rare occasion they are not removed from the society itself. The main houses of this kingdom meet every 50 years to decide who the next Jarl will be to represent them in the moots in Hammerfall.

This difference in culture has lead to conflict sometimes between the tribes and the dwarves but the common bonds of honor, mutual defense, and trade bind them together.

Notable Locations

The city of Hammerfall is of Dwarven origin, built by the Dwarven nation of Stonedeep as a central place for the members of the Allemani League to gather and do business. As many dwarven cities, it has high strong walls and a great amount of wonderous mechanics that allow for an odd sense of luxury in land that many see as backward. As the main and pretty much only city in the Allemani League it sees a great deal of trade and many travelers.

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