The nation of Dumasta is an elven nation that is situated in the southern forests. They are a reclusive nation; dealing with others only for trade and the occasional military alliance to thwart rising numbers in monster populations.


The nation itself is comprised of Eladrin and Elves. Outside races are not permitted in the lands of Dumasta. Rumors do exist of orphans from other races having been raised within Dumasta, but one only hears stories of this; never meeting one who has actually lived such a life. If it is true, none of them have left the lands itself. Those who have ventured into the lands and returned report that the majority of it is Elven outside the cities, while the Eladrin themselves reside more in their great capital of Gray Havens.

Half-elves are seen as brutish offspring of unnatural couplings. The parents that give birth to them are often banished from Dumasta. The rare occasion where the child remains in Dumasta usually has them live a life of servitude and ridicule.


Dumasta is fairly xenophobic and cares little for what happens outside their borders. When Dumasta does show interest beyond their borders there often have a personal interest in it themselves, although they are not usually upfront about it. The few times Dumasta has lent aid to other nations in quelling incursions and conflicts with the monster races have more to do with Dumasta wishing those fights to be fought on the lands of other nations instead of theirs.


Dumasta is run by a monarchy that has been unbroken for years longer than most races can remember.

Dealings with other races are restricted to trade and the embassies they establish in other cities. Embassies in their lands are forbidden. Despite these clearly one-sided standards, most nations accept them as the price to engage in trade with Dumasta for valued crafts.

Notable Locations

Grey Havens is the capital city of Dumasta Little is know about to races outside the elves and eladrin. Even when others ask an elf or eladrin, they often describe the city by more or less pointing how what is wrong with the place they are currently at and how Grey Havens is simply better and not fit to be described in their language.

Tirion is the small city on the outskirts of Dumasta lands. It serves as the main and only source of formal contact with the races outside Dumasta

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