Hevali is a small merchant nation that uses it’s location to great advantage in regards to trade.


With its prime location as the main source of transit between the halves of this land, all walks of seem to call Hevali their home.


The culture of Hevali is driven by greed and lust for power. Almost nothing in Hevali is without a price. This is not say the place has no order. Trade and agreements are taken very seriously and one does not wish to find them self in argument with an person from Hevali.


Hevali is ruled by an affiliation of guilds. These guilds often direct the politics of the small nation to individually benefit themselves. They will band together for the greater good of coin and profit though. Violence is discouraged within the lands as it is bad for profit but otherwise relished outside the borders as an opportunity to make great amounts of wealth. Conflict between the guilds is often done so in vicious economic battles of interest.

The trade nation wields a considerable amount of influence considering their small size. Hevali is always looking to increase its influence and economic opportunities.

Notable Locations

The city of Durenor is the main holding in the lands of Hevali. It is a small place, densely populated and rife with taxes, tariffs, surcharges, and any other way a Hevali citizen can lighten your coin purse.

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