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The lands of Galavast are a rich and diverse place. In years long past, this was the site of a vast infamous empire: The Formorkelse Empire. It was an empire where magic granted the right to rule over those who did not and where the constant search for more power forced some to delve into the darker arts until it became one with the empire as a whole.

This empire, as do all things, did not last forever and fell to it’s own internal sickness in a long and bloody decline of civil conflict. Centuries have passed but the name still conjures images of dark magic, bloody battles, and treasures lost in time.

From the ashes of this once great yet dark empire, beacons of civilization have sprung forth; shedding light into a land enshrouded in so much darkness. The kingdoms of Hevali, Ravonik, The Allemani League, Dumasta, and Santhica struggle to find their place in the untamed and wild lands of Galavast. Only The Marches have yet to see an end to constant internal struggle between “civilized” races.

Despite the existence of these kingdoms, much of the land is still a dangerous place, awash with beasts seeking their own place in the world as well as relics of the an empire long forgotten. Settlements still spring up from time to time in the wilds and from time to time, these settlements find themselves razed to the ground.

One such settlement is the town of Brindol, located at the edge of the Witchwood forests. It is here that you find yourself, located in the tavern The Fat Elemental.

Main Page

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