The Marches

The Marches is land comprised of various city-states that seem be in an ever perpetual cycle of violence, deceit, conspiracy, and betrayal.


Humans are the main race in these lands and typically are the ones in charge of the various city-states that dot the land. Other races are present though as the constant turmoil provides opportunity for all walks of life. The conniving, mercenaries, and those who wish to hide among the chaos for whatever reason all seem to flock to The Marches


The people of The Marches are very tied to the notion of freedom and independence. The passion held for these ideals is the main reason for the constant turmoil in the land as no city-state feels another should be ruling it.

Lies, deceit, and plots also are a mainstay of the land. War can be expensive and with so many possible enemies, one cannot imagine to fight them all head on. It is said that those from The Marches learn to lie and plot before they can wall and that when shaking their hands in greeting, it is a good idea to do so with hands; so you know what they are doing.


Conspiracy and plots are the name of the game for politics in The Marches. Outright war and conflict is often seen as a last resort when all other plots to defeat your foe have failed. Even then the battles themselves are often rife with deceit and complex tactics.

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The Marches

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